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Spettrahouse grew organically over the years from the warm creative womb of Spettra Light Collective and Motherlodge Live Arts Exchange. I did not build it by myself. But after a decade of countless collaborations between artists, music makers and other creative folx, taking place in many homes, arts & music venues, and alternative spaces, I knew that Spettra needed a permanent home. So I made it mine.


The House welcomes all levels of becoming, distilling, tinkering and refining one’s creative process. The act of personal and communal creativity is a deeply powerful, universal one. Magic happens in the studio. We teach art classes and mindfulness creativity workshops. Through partnerships with arts organizations and outreach, Spettrahouse also facilitates collaborations between musicians, poets, playwrights, arts organizations and whomever might require the artistry of Spettra Light. We simply see ourselves as a midwife to others’ innate power to create. Students become teachers, fellow collaborators, and magic makers.

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